Speaker and Author of What Big Brands Know

Gerry O’Brion

After years as an executive with billion dollar brands, Gerry now uses big company strategies to grow businesses of all sizes, regardless of their budget.  His keynote address What Big Brands Know has helped thousands of business owners, CEOs, entrepreneurs, sales consultants and business owners.

His presentation will help you develop an action plan to make your business stronger now and over the long term.  Gerry will have you look at your business with a fresh perspective.  You will reexamine how you are different from your competitors, and why that matters to your customers.  The fun, thought-provoking dialogue will generate real ideas you can use immediately.  The presentation is packed with information, strategies and case studies about companies that are doing it right.

Gerry began his career in marketing at Procter & Gamble, working with brands such as Crisco, Tide, Mr. Clean, and Spic & Span.  Next, he managed Coors Light, became VP of Marketing for Quiznos, and then VP of Marketing for Red Robin Gourmet Burgers.